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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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we want to work with the other agencies. as they mentioned, we started since 2003. the district has committed resources along with four other agencies who are presenting their views in front of you. we ask you to continue to support this project, and to approve the funding necessary for yourself on this project. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is amara florence -- florez. i am the project manager for the bay area regional desalinization
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project, one of the partners. we support the regional approach to solving collective water management challenges. desalinization is an alternative worth fall consideration as a means to diversify our supplies to our customers in cities like more and dublin -- moore and dublin. we are committed to exploring the use of recycled water in our area. given our role as water research management -- resource management, we must evaluate all feasible possibilities to make well informed decisions for meeting the future needs of our community. we hope you continue to support this project. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am with bright line, and i
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want to join in asking that we do not fund the study. a lot of things have been said. i will add there is a good sense the plant will never get built. there is a reason they are not being built. commissioner torres talked about the need to address the underlying reasons why this is being studied. when you look at the studies from other counties like santa cruz, there are recent examples of jurisdictions that have studied these options for addressing the need for water desalinization and ruled it out. there are so many more ways to improve efficiency to accomplish what wants to be accomplished -- permeable sidewalk, as mr. brooks mentioned, and many other ways to improve the water we do have. i just want to say that if we spend this money we are going to
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end up with something i think we are never going to build. i think we will find the alternatives create more jobs, more careers, rather than a short-term build a plant and walk from it. i would like to say we are not going to build thiso the extente resources and put them toward something we are going to do in terms of water efficiency, and realize these additional benefits -- that is what i would be in favor of instead of the study. >> additional public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners. thanks for the opportunity to address you. i work for s.p.u.r. as sustainable project director. our advisory board had a discussion of desalinization and
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the bay area. we invited the puc, pacific institute, and others to talk to us and help us think about what we should do, putting it desalinization in proper context. first, i am not here to support desalinization or building any specific facility. it would be too preliminary to adjudicate that, and it is not the question at hand. we are talking about a feasibility study that can answer the remaining questions about the impact and opportunities of this water treatment. we think it is a responsible thing to do. not just that. it is good planning. we support the continued study of feasibility for desalinization at the east contra costa site. this seems like it has been a bargain, with the grant funding as well as a great deal of regional cooperation and funding put together for this project,
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which in and of itself is a worthy pursuit, as other countries have mentioned. with 2 million more people moving to the area by 2040, we are going to need more water supply in the future. where are we going to get them? we need to know the alternatives in order to have that discussion. even in the retail area, it is true demand in california is going down, as it is here. we have a significant projected shortfall when we expect more people to be living in the bay area, competing for the same supply. we need to consider the options on the table for how to source of water, especially given the uncertain trajectory of climate change on water supply. this kind of evaluation was recommended in our recent study on planning for climate change adaptation. we actually recommended in the report that bay area water suppliers a value with
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alternative options and the band management strategies, including conservation, recycled water, and others, in order to prioritize cost, reliability, and environmental for actors. we specifically included desalinization because of its invulnerability to drought, but we need to know the potential cost and benefit. there will be trade-offs on environmental benefits and revenues. that is true for desalinization, delta water, or diverting a river. we need to know what we are dealing with to make informed choices. continuing and completing the study is not picking a winner right now. we urge you to look at all possible water supplies as part of good planning. that is what we are here to support. thank you. vice president moran: thank you. is there any additional public
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comment? >> commissioners, what is your pleasure? commissioner courtney: not only did i find it compelling, but i appreciated everybody who showed up. the conversation enlightened me on a few different issues. i am hoping we can send a strong signal. while i take mr. brooks's comments to heart, i want to apply that kind of evaluation a little bit differently. rather than balancing the value of applying to hundreds thousand dollars to a continuation -- $200,000 to a continuation of a
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study about which our partners are enthusiastic, balancing that with doing other things which would employ workers, which i made no secret that i represent workers -- i hope we would continue in the direction of studying the merits of the salinization, creating opportunities for the public, the stakeholders, staff, and everybody else to give us an exhaustive report. frankly, i do not disagree with mr. brooks. once we have that data available to us, that report, those recommendations, and everybody's collaborative efforts, that will give us an opportunity -- certainly me, because i represent workers -- to evaluate whether it is beneficial to us to go ahead and build.
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we do like to build things, right? to go ahead and build it or find another way to engage in the conservation we know is necessary while we employ workers. it is all about jobs. i definitely wanted to thank you, mr. brooks, for talking about workers and jobs. i think we just have a slight disagreement about when we balance those interests. i am prepared, as we sit here now, to move forward with the staff recommendation. vice president moran: is that a motion? commissioner courtney: so moved. commissioner caen: i will second. commissioner torres: i have a suggested wording change, if the commissioner would entertain that. in the fourth whereas, it talks about the puc interest in
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exporting gallons per day, it's a truck after the word needs, i would recommend putting in the phrase -- of its retail and wholesale customers. this is not just for the city itself. to get that on the record i think is a good idea. vice president moran: that is an amendment. do i have a motion for the amendment? and a second? discussion on the amendment? on the amendment, all those in favor? opposed? thank you. on the motion as amended? all those in favor? ok. call the roll. vice president moran: aye. commissioner caen: aye. commissioner torres: no.
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commissioner courtney: aye. >> the motion passes 3-1. vice president moran: next item, please. >> the next item will be hour closed session. i will invite any public comment on closed session items, if there is any. vice president moran: do we have public comment on closed session items? there are none. >> could you entertain a motion to deal with the items listed below? threat to public services or facilities, consultation with agency chief of security, and conference with legal counsel about property settlements in a san francisco superior court case, 436930, filed january 31,
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2005. is there such a motion? vice president moran: moved and seconded. the motion carries. >> we will now go into a closed session. president vietor: the commission took no item -- action on item 16. could we have a motion regarding whether to disclose? >> move not to disclose. president vietor: all those in favor? opposed? >> any other items before we adjourn? president vietor: seeing none,
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the meeting is adjourned.
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>> welcome to city hall. it is my pleasure today to join board president david chiu. our chief of police is here today. hydra mendoza, the president of our board of education. the director of public works. my wife anita -- she is the most
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important. who else do we have? the director of our treasure island authority is here. also member of our housing authority. thank you very much for being here. our city librarian -- thank you for being here as well. the president of the san francisco giants is here. all right. and they won today. [applause] sorry if i forgot to mention anybody. i know supervisor avalos will join us later. and sandy. thank you for being with us today. sharon has been here for many years. thank you for being here as well. to all of you who our guests -- family, friends, brothers and sisters of our youth commission -- thank you very much for joining us. i have been very thrilled to be
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your mayor for the last eight months, and one of the things that i have delighted in in terms of meeting all the different -- come on up, john. supervisor avalos, good to see you. [applause] one of the things i have been delighted in in all the different town hall budget meetings and the community-based organization meetings we have had is to listen to what our views were saying about our city -- listen to what our youth were saying about our city. it either make me happy or sad. it is your opinions that measure the polls and the direction of what we're doing as a city. ultimately, and i know all the other departments will agree with me -- you are going to take over this city. you are going to take it over. you are going to take my job. you are going to take their
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jobs. you are going to do better than we did. the reason is because we know that we can only do so much, and we have limited time in the offices that we have. but for right now, for you, where you are at, you can give us the best advice about where we should go as a city. you can give us the advice about better legislation, about better programs, about being more sensitive to families in this city, and to our youth, to the future leaders that this city will have pirie whether you are a police officer or police chief, firefighter, or you may become a doctor or nurse or a teacher or you may become a librarian for the batter for the next giants team, or you may become a social service worker, or you may become a major --
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mayor, in all of these efforts, we need your input. we need your advice. it is with great pleasure that we have this opportunity to point you to our youth commission. as a whole body, we need to listen to our youth, so we know which is the right and wrong directions for us to go to and what your needs are. whether it is education, whether it is in sports and social programs for socializing, whether it is ideas about how to make your life safer, whether your communities are safer, or whether it is just how to make the city a happier place, we need that input. so i want to thank all of your family and friends here today because they will need your support. every commissioner that served in public capacity always sacrifices personal time, and your sacrifice will be well worth it, i assure you.
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because i will listen and supervisors will listen as you go through your deliberations. all we ask is that you create an opportunity for us to listen to you carefully and make sure we consider your ideas to help make the city better. so before we do the official swearing in, i know that board president chiu would like to share a few words and also supervisor avalos as well. [applause] supervisor chiu: thank you. i want to add my congratulations to the folks that he has that. there are a couple of folks i would also like to of knowledge. first of all, mario from the youth commission. [applause] who has done an incredible job in helping to mentor our future leaders. i also want to recognize someone who recently joined the staff. [applause] thank you for the work you are
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doing. and there is one other group of folks that we have to take a moment to acknowledge, and that is your mothers and fathers. can we give it to the parents in the house? [applause] and, of course, all the other surrogate parents that i know are here along with your biological parents. as many of you know, the commission was born 15 years ago. that means it is a 15-year-old teenager. i have to tell you, when i was 15 years old, i could not find city hall on a map. congratulations for being, as mayor lee said, our next generation of leaders. [applause] without the work that you do, mayor lee, john avalos, hydra mendoza -- we would not have
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ideas about how to improve public safety, how to improve our schools, or i do not think any of us would have thought about the importance of providing free muni you have shown tremendous leadership. you represent the diversity of san francisco. you represent our neighborhoods and every corner of our city. you inspire us. when you are able to come together, it signals to us, the adults of city hall, that we also have to come together. we have to work together. she is excited as well. [laughter] i want to tell you to keep on fighting and in part in the wisdom -- imparting wisdom you can see through your eyes as we're deliberating here. i look forward sunday to working on the campaigns of some of you here -- someday to working on
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the campaigns of some of you here. i look forward to working with you as you head up our city departments, non-profits, companies, and this great city of san francisco. thank you and congratulations. [applause] >> you have touched on many aspects of your work as commissioners. you have acknowledged your family's supporting you as well. i want to say thank you for your service. thank you for taking on this leadership role. it is not just looking at your future. it is about looking at what your present is like. that is a huge commitment you are making to your peers and generation. that is knowledge can bring to us to help us make decisions at
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city hall. i think it is a great idea whose time has come. the work the youth commission did last year working with community organizations and youth from around the city was exceptional and worthy of action on our part to make sure it gets done. i wanted to say thank you for that. i want to acknowledge other folks who have gone on to public office from the recent youth commission. jesse is on the city council berkeley. exceptional things are going on that you will have access to in terms of government service. it is not just working as elected officials. nonprofit workers, julie has had an exceptional career serving in people. we have nicole in the back to used to be a staffer at the youth commission who is now doing a lot of great political
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work. you may know her. i want to say thank you for taking on this leadership role. i look forward to working with you over the next year. i work very closely with the youth commission. i am very excited about the things we can do together, crafting legislation, approving budgets, insuring the young people continue to have a voice that will be acted upon by government. thank you so much. [applause] >> are you ready? if i may say this, first of all when they say free muni, let's make sure we know where the money is coming from. we have to be responsible. i want to say congratulations. now you are going to take up the responsibility you have not taken up before. it is no longer about you. it is about us and our city.
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i want to make sure that you know that as you deliberate and recommend to me and the board of supervisors, the police chief, hydra, know that it is no longer a recommendation for the city. we are in international city. your recommendations will be viewed around the world, not just in san francisco. it will be around the world in hundreds of difference of languages -- in hundreds of different languages. we realize we're not just a city of san francisco in the state of california. we are san francisco, known throughout the world to provide leadership and hope to provide many other countries in the world. what you say will be heard around the world. note that. please stand and raise your right hand.
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police say your full name and repeat after me. i, full name, do solidly a firm that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic, that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california, that i take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.
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i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i am about to injured during such time as i hold the office of youth commissioner for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. [cheers and applause] ♪
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